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八方美米 リリースパーティ

February 12, 2011 is the day my organic rice "Happou-Bimai" will be released.
There were many encounters along the way to make this event possible.
It happened all by chance, and the people I met all became essential parts of my life.

We have decided to do a local release party for my rice, and I called on my close friends,

Eccy, Zaion, and Yakkle.

They're all young and talented producers, who I happened to meet through Shing02.
I can assure you that the music at the party will be good, all future-classics.

And also, we can't forget the DJ's from Himeji;


backing them up.

You can just come for the music, or casually drop by to check out the Rice Party.
When different kinds of people having the same interests come together, with organic rice and miso soup,
you gotta expect some kind of positive chemical reaction!

Happou-Bimai is 100% gen-mai. (= brown rice, which is its natural color before they are processed to be white!)
I bet you'll be surprised how good Gen-mai can be.

I want you to be there to make this party worth worthy.
If you are reading this, it means you were chosen. The party won't Bi (be) good without you!

*Happou-Bimai - an original name for my organic rice, meaning "beautiful rice to all corners of the earth".
We're very excited about what the name represents, and my goal is to find the real meaning of it together.


Please use the flier as a bookmark.

If you come to the party with the flier in the book you are reading or your favorite book,

you'll get the advanced ticket price at the door. You are what you read,

so share what you've been reading!


Fliers are @

Itsumo, Sabortte, Not Blue, JAU, CLOTH+CROSS, Naya, Magic Hats,

Treehouse, Muriui@Seijougakuin, and other "Happoubimai" like stores .